About JB

Joseph Bensmihen, MSW, RG

A home health care advocate and former President of the Private Care Association, Joseph is an expert in the Care Industry. Born in Montreal in 1969 and diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy, JB’s parents were told he would never walk. As a bright young boy with a physical disability, he wanted to attend his sister’s school. However, because of his disability he was barred from doing so by Canadian law. Never wanting anyone to ever be told their disability will prevent them from attaining their goals, JB became instrumental in having the Canadian law for mainstreaming children with disabilities changed in 1981.

In 1991, JB graduated Yeshiva University with a Bachelors degree in Political Science and then spent two years working at the Bank of Montreal teaching employers how to mainstream talented people with disabilities into the financial sector.  JB earned his Masters degree from the Wurtzweiler School of Social Work in 1995 and immediately began working as a Social Worker at Home Health Corporation of America.

In 1998, he formed United Elder Care Services, a private duty home health care company. That success led to the opening of Boca Home Care, a Medicare certified agency, in 2003. In 2006, he became President of the Private Care Association of Florida (PCA) and in 2010 he was named President of PCA National. Joseph was also President of the Florida Guardianship Corp. where he worked as a court appointed guardian.

Always remembering his fathers words, Education is Freedom, Joseph established a scholarship fund. in his fathers memory, to help students who could not otherwise afford to complete their education. His book, Taking Your Place at the Table- The Art of Refusing to be an Outsider, is expected to be released in Fall 2017.


Joseph’s seemingly endless devotion and attention to detail allows him to accomplish easily what others only struggle to achieve. His knowledge of available resources is impressive. I have repeatedly observed him take the time required to bring a just resolution to many adverse situations.
-Steven F

While presenting a gentle thoughtful exterior that makes him easy to work with, Joseph is a man of strength who is exemplary in his ethical conduct.
-Phyllis S.

Joseph is a very caring social worker. He makes sure he sees the job through until the end or as far as he is able to. I recently had two Home Care cases in which they required a significant amount of assistance. Joseph spent a lot of extra time working on placement for one patient, which meant communications with doctors and nurses, patients, families and nursing homes.
-Debra N