JB understands advocacy through and through. He knows when to push, when to pull, and when to step back. He knows the right questions to ask, how to ask them, when to ask them, and whom to ask them of. He knows how and when to bring the right people together—and how to leverage their skills, connections, and authority in the most effective way.

JB built a highly successful business career advocating for his customers, their families, his home health care companies, and his industry. Trained as a social worker, yet experienced in the realities of business, policymaking, and politics, JB now offers his advocacy expertise to others.

If your organization, its leaders, its employees, or its members need to become more effective advocates, contact JB about his services as an advocacy coach.                               


In business, advocacy—whether for your customers, your employees, or your mission—is an essential ingredient for growth and success.

For selected clients, JB combines his advocacy coaching and business experience to help them start new businesses or grow existing ones.

If you need help opening a business, defining your mission, diversifying your products or services, breaking into new markets, attracting new customers, building important business relationships, or accelerating business growth, contact JB to learn more about his coaching for business owners and leaders.