Our culture seems to give us a choice. We can help and serve others—and live a life of stress and financial worry—or help and serve ourselves, and live a financially successful but meaningless existence.

Most of us unquestioningly buy into this false choice. We become either burned out, underpaid helping professionals or well-to-do business people who ache for lives of greater service and meaning.

There is a third path. JB has walked it successfully, turning a degree in social work into a multi-million-dollar business. That path can be taught. In How Helping Others Can Lead to Financial Success, participants learn to walk it successfully. JB leads attendees through these steps of personal and career transformation:

  • Understanding the difference between helping people and helping yourself through helping people.
  • Creating a balanced focus on service and self.
  • Thinking beyond a job and a salary.
  • Your job as a stepping stone, not a career.
  • Building a business around the skills you already have.
  • Educating yourself about the market for your services.
  • Looking for gaps, unaddressed needs, things that can be improved, and new or unseen opportunities.
  • Making the turn from service provider to entrepreneur.
  • A crash course in business fundamentals.
  • Determining how much to charge, what services to charge for, and what the market will bear.
  • Hiring other people who are like you.
  • The payoff: serving more people and earning more money.

Participants leave with a new awareness of what is possible for them—and with the tools for marrying service to others with the art of wealth-building.



For this topic, JB offers a choice of a brief 45-minute talk; a three-hour interactive workshop; and an immersive full-day seminar.

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