Joseph’s reputation was stellar, but I did not expect the results that his management produced. His hands-on approach and inspirational leadership led to employee performance resulting in unprecedented growth. Joseph’s pragmatic style, coupled with optimism, inspired clients, caregivers, referral sources and employees alike. Joseph’s knowledge and experience as a social worker and business owner are vast; his energy and optimism unsurpassed. Even the most complex home health scenario is resolved once Joseph is involved. There simply is no situation that is daunting to him; his craft and skill are fine-honed and admirable.
— Keren Wheeler, owner, Evergreen Private Care
Having built up his own health-care business with uncommon courage and determination, Joseph proves that when God deals you a lousy deck, you can turn it into all aces. His perseverance, irrepressible spirit and will to win, as well as his unshakable belief that nothing’s going to get in his way, have inspired everyone who knows and works with Joseph.
— Warren Struhl, founder of Paper Direct, Popcorn Indiana, and Polaroid Fotobar, and author of Starting Them Up
Joseph Bensmihen offers real insight, guidance, and inspiration for moving you, or your business, from the outside to the inside.
— Michael A. Boylan, author of The Power To Get In and Accelerants
JB Bensmihen shares his life with the reader in a straightforward, engaging way. His book is a personal reflection, but also a guide for being thoughtful, thinking and persevering, while focusing on achievement.
— Richard M. Joel, President, Yeshiva University

I wish all of my interviews were as informative
and entertaining as you!

—Daria Albinger, Host, “Hey, It’s Your Money,” ABC Radio
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