Although some of us are born with disabilities, it’s much more common for people to become unexpectedly disabled because of an accident, injury, or illness. Others become disabled as they grow older and some of their body functions decline.

We all know that a disabled person is as entitled to live in this world as anyone else. But many of us don’t know how to provide the right support and assistance for a disabled person we care about.

When Someone You Care About Has a Disability addresses all the difficult questions that typically arise:

  • When should I offer help, and when should I calmly stand aside?
  • When should I offer advice, and when would I be wiser to keep quiet?
  • How do I listen mindfully and compassionately when the person talks about their disability?
  • How do I handle my own fears, worries, and grief around the person and their disability?
  • How do I walk the fine line between genuine encouragement and false hope?
  • How can I avoid embarrassing myself—and my friend, family member, or partner—in public?
  • What false assumptions do others commonly make about people with disabilities? What assumptions might I be unwittingly making?
  • If my friend, family member, or partner has recently become disabled, how is this going to change our relationship? What do I need to know to help both of us navigate this change?
  • What are the most common mistakes that someone in my situation makes? How can I avoid making them?
  • When someone mistreats my friend, family member, or partner, when should I stand up for them, and when should I let the matter go?
  • What real-life protections and benefits does the Americans with Disabilities Act actually provide?

In a relaxed and open, yet focused atmosphere, JB offers a wealth of penetrating insights, practical tips, and down-to-Earth guidance. Participants leave feeling empowered, informed, grounded, and relieved.


For this topic, JB offers a choice of a brief 45-minute talk; a three-hour interactive workshop; and an immersive full-day seminar.

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